Children, such wonderful creatures who are able to rejoice even in small things. Well, if a child has a dog, then this happiness is in the square. We look.

Dog - the joy of every child, 25 photos

Photo 1. Joint games. The dog will never refuse the child to play.

Photo 2. Photograph together.

Photo 3. True love…

Photo 4. Real, genuine happiness.

Photo 5. The child and the dog, tenderness – mutual.

Photo 6. We eat snacks always together.

Photo 7. Let me kiss you, my pretty face.

Photo 8. Sleeping together is much better.

Photo 9. Thinking …

Photo 10. That’s right, playing cowboys alone is not so interesting.

Photo 11. Sense of security

Photo 12. My favorite dog and toy is always with me.

Photo 13. Spies

Photo 14. More comfortable pillows all over the world not to find.

Photo 15. We play in dentistry.

Photo 16. Morning washing.

Photo 17. Beggars.

Photo 18. New Year smiles.

Photo 19. We draw together.

Photo 20. Running is very healthy.

Photo 21. Hot Summer.

Photo 22. Who will jump higher.

Photo 23. We are doing sports.

Photo 24. Gotcha!

Photo 25. Assistant in any situation.

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