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Dog pictures funny.
and the dog is better
To love the wife?! No. I do not lie.
Happens in life differently …
But I can rely only
On a faithful dog.
Wags tenderly a tail
And in the afternoon and early in the morning.
Always with the smiling person
Is silent, but it is very wise.
Wine does not drink also cigarettes –
Does not smoke, does not ask fur coats.
Will not leave for about 6 years in the decree,
And eats that to it the owner will throw.
She can lay down a hand in a mouth,
To entrust money a heap.
All yours will guard
Any “mobsters” more abruptly.
Between legs will allow to scratch
At any time.
Will not be jealous of another,
Without understanding jokes.
Why was from an edge?
They are such Baddies …
Give, stick together for Good
From a devoted dog

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