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Continuing my stories about the most interesting dogs, I cannot but introduce you to the rarest breed recognized in Japan as a national treasure. There was a great desire to learn about this amazing dog, but could not remember what it was called. After going through a lot of options, I left nothing without agreeing with the dog trainers. In our city, such a dog breed is not yet, perhaps because of its peculiar nature, and perhaps this is due to material difficulties in acquiring it. But I was lucky, in the morning the bell rang. One of the dog handlers invited me to his house and told a lot of interesting things about this wonder-dog, which she called Shiba Inu or Sheba Inu. And all that I learned, I want to share with you.
Virtually all Japanese dogs are associated with specific areas of the country, and only one breed is not associated with any specific area – this is Shiba Inu. “Siba” is translated from Japanese as “brushwood” (shrub), and “Inu” is a dog. And the result is a “dog from the forest” overgrown with shrubs. This is a small animal that belongs to the group of small dogs. The breed is very ancient, looks like Akita Inu. Representatives of Shiba Inu are disciplined, never spoil things and do not defend the need for an apartment. Shiba Inu can live well on the street, but at home it feels much more comfortable. The most important thing is a dog with a huge charge of positive and emotions. No wonder in her homeland they call her a clown dog. Shiba Inu can sing, talk, smile and make faces! This is a beautiful spitz-like dog that looks like a chanterelle. Very independent. And if you are indifferent to her, she will continue to do her work, not paying any attention to you. But, despite the fact that Siba-Inu is intelligent, quick-witted and loves his master, with his every act he will let him know that he can live without him. The main pedigrees of these dogs come from the highlands – Shikaku and other territories of Japan and they were used to hunt small animals and birds.
In Japan, Shiba Inu are mostly found in large cities, and this is an extremely bad environment for the future of this breed.

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