cute little kitten

cute little kitten.
Hard-working cat Vasily
Of the master’s house took care.
Even if did not ask,
He did not do nothing.
Did not roll in a chair presumptuously,
And on watch labor
Swept out from under a sofa
Mountains of dust century.
Rubbed floors to gloss
And touched balls,
If in spots a curtain –
The cat erased a curtain.
But the hostess all is not glad,
Evils as Nile crocodile.
And what else it is necessary to it,
Than the cat did not please it?
“And, whether you, ah, you
To me balls confused everything?
Lifted a dust cloud in the house,
On a parquet spilled kissel?
Ah, not you are a compote jug
On a portiere spilled here?”
Vasya works to sweat,
It is a pity that work it is not honored.
It is necessary to a cat a little.
Hey, the hostess, do not row,
And to Vasily in an award
Give a sausage medal

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