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Pomeranian – an amusing, obedient, fun, agile creature. Dogs of this breed are distinguished by vigor, curiosity and friendly disposition.
Currently, the division of oranges into three types is accepted:
1. type of “bears” (short muzzle, abundant undercoat, thick legs, rounded small ears, buried in a lush collar);
2. the type of “chanterelles”, or the classical type (longer muzzle compared to the “bears”, erect sharp ears, not covered by the collar, thin elegant legs, no thick undercoat);
3. intermediate type (Pomeranian dog with features inherent in “bears” and “chanterelles”).
Some breeders in the ads for the sale of puppies position them as a type of “mini”. Despite the fact that such crumbs look very touching and attractive, which significantly increases their selling price, these dogs suffer from pituitary nanism, in other words, dwarfism, with all the ensuing consequences: a tendency to various diseases, weak immunity, short life. Such instances, despite the ever-increasing demand and fashion, cannot be allowed into breeding.
Spitz is perfect for home content. A small pet does not give the owner special problems. Perhaps the only drawback of this breed is a loud barking at any knock or doorbell. It can not even be called a disadvantage, because the dog tries to protect the beloved master and his family. However, you can wean from barking. It is necessary to give a young dog to understand that you can not make noise. To chide, but in no case shout, let alone raise a hand to this sweet creature. After all, the psyche of pomeranians is quite thin, which requires firmness in education, but not rudeness.

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