Cats are very interesting animals. With them you can always laugh, well, of course, if you can find them, because they are simply unsurpassed masters of disguise.

Cat as part of the interior, 20 funny photos

He pretended to be a statuette.

The main thing is not to sit down.

Eyes give out a little.

The face of the company.

Caution. Do not step on.

When you go to play football with children, do not confuse.

Who needs a third slipper?

In principle, it is possible to take refuge with a cat.

Masking level 80.

We had to start a black cat.

Interestingly, the chair specifically for the cat bought?

Nashkodnichal and hid.

If you want to hide, then stay in a prominent place.

That’s right with a cat picked up, dressed and walked down the street.

Poda buy another blanket. Well, or change the cat.

Favorite place to sleep. At the same time and hid.

Guess where the blanket ends and the cat begins.

My cat decided that he was a statue. I did not even notice him immediately.

We bought a special mat for the cat. Now it is only there and can be found, if of course you see.

They were looking for a cat for half a day, they thought they ran away, but it turned out to be disguised.

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