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Cat and dog photos free! Very funny story, especially not think! But it turns out it happens sometimes!
Cat and dog photos free.
So historically it developed that the friendship of a dog and cat seems to us something unique and almost impossible. We got used that these “friends of the person” constantly show aggression to each other. Dogs rush on cats, cats provoke dogs, hissing on them, etc. Cases when the cat teases a dog are frequent, or attacks the first if not from shy ten. All these conflicts to us seem sometimes amusing, and at times and disturbing.
It is difficult to explain why dogs do not love cats, most likely it at them is put at the genetic level therefore sometimes it is so difficult to them to get on together. The saying “was not without reason thought up meaning continuous quarrels and abuse in the house lead cat-and-dog life”.
If you are a happy owner and cats and dogs, then in your forces not to allow between them hostility. There are several simple rules how to make friends a cat with a dog well or at least to establish a neutrality between them.
That between animals there was no jealousy of the owner, pay them identical attention and care. If stroked one, do not forget also about another, and it is even better if you do it at the same time

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