Cat and dog, cute animals, cat playing gifs with a dog

Very funny video that will lift your spirits. Watching the behavior of animals is a great pleasure. All the most interesting and funny from the world of animals. Videos about funny and funny cats, dogs and other pets will definitely bring a smile 🙂
There are many examples of interspecies friendship: the dog peacefully plays with the cheetah, the cat licks the hamster, the goat playfully butt with the baby rhino. But is it really possible in all these cases to talk about friendship and mutual understanding?
The mutual dislike of cats and dogs long ago became the proverb. When we hear: “They live like a cat with a dog,” we understand that we are talking about constant quarrels, and even fights. The phrase: “It plays like a cat with a mouse” also does not mean anything good: the cat plays with the mouse before eating. But how then to deal with well-known facts, when a cat, without any ulterior motive, is busy with a small rodent – just to play? And what about the examples of the gentlest friendship between animals of different species?

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