British kitty color point blue 2 months cutie Yosya

Relatively recently, the British cat was bred with color color point. Recall that in America these representatives of the cat world are called Himalayan. Briton color point is painted in light colors; limbs, tail, ears and face contrast with the main color and have a dark shade. Their eyes are dark blue or deep blue. Briton’s coat is thick and dense.

The character of the British color points is independent, but calm. They get along well with all households, require a lot of attention and love. They have a developed hunting instinct: these cats are capable of catching mice. If a Briton has a white coat color with light blue markings, then he is called a blue point. The hair of the British cat has 2 levels: a dense undercoat resembling plush, and long guard hairs. Therefore, it requires special care.

To maintain a healthy look of this wool, the British should certainly include calcium, essential vitamins and trace elements. The British cat needs to be checked for the presence of tangles in the wool, constantly combing it with a massage brush. When washing use shampoos for short-haired cats. If you have British kittens, then they need extra care: from time to time they wipe their eyes with a damp cloth, cleaning them of the discharge; ears cleaned of accumulated sulfur; check for the presence of ticks in the wool; carry out cutting of nails with a special nail cutter. Kittens British color point can be taught to the toilet. The tray assigned for this must stand in a secluded place and be cleaned in time.

Did you know? British color points are born albinos, and only a few weeks later they show dark spots that are known to everyone. Young cats are always more pronounced color than adults.

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