British cats The love story of Boni and Handera, their cute children, video
British Shorthair – the very combination of these words conveys strength and endurance, aristocracy and endurance, softness and inflexible character of animals. This breed could not be more accurately corresponds to the character of the English, who gave it the name
British cats are contact and sociable, friendly and affectionate. They get along well with all members of the family, and they love the owner or the owner without any help. The cat can follow them from room to room, until they sit down and do not allow her to settle down near.
Possessing an inexhaustible margin of patience, the British Shorthair love children very much and get along well with other animals, even with dogs. But still, as a children’s toy, the British should not start. Despite the reverent display of love and affection for their owners, this cat will not tolerate too familiar a relationship. The owners of these amazing creatures often find themselves thinking that it is not enough to contact them by name, but you must add “sir” or “pliz”, because with all their appearance these animals show their own significance.
For many reasons, the British can be called the perfect cat: good look, pleasant character, various colors, solid appearance, literally emanated animals self-esteem, ease of care and calm temperament – all these features of the breed ensured its rapid rise in popularity.

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