Raising a child is a heavy burden, even if you have read many educational books or consulted a psychologist. Nothing can fully prepare you for the appearance of a child in the family. But there are 10 things that will surely help you at least a little bit about what will happen if you become parents.

The difficulties that await you after the birth of a child, 20 photos

1. To give birth to a child is not so easy. It is very easy for some to get pregnant and have a baby, but there are women who cannot do it.

In fact, the female body is not simple, so if you want to give birth to a child, you need to allocate for this a certain amount of time to plan everything and how to prepare.

2. The first months after the birth of a child are very difficult. Some compare them to hell or torture, and there are several reasons for this. Breastfeeding is at first very painful, and the sleep of newly minted parents changes beyond recognition.

Those who love sleep, shower and comfort will have to work hard to get enough sleep. Do not worry, over time, everything is formed.

3. Sleeping problems will not pass by any parent. Whether it is a baby or a one-year-old child, you will experience problems with sleep.

But to be happy and cheerful, the mother on maternity leave needs to get enough sleep. Try to lie down with the child during the day to replenish your energy reserves – it will definitely be easier to overcome difficult days.

4. Children’s things do not need much. Nipples, bottles, diapers and a few sets of clothes – this is the main thing that will be needed after the birth of a child.

Play mats, inflatable mattresses, playpens and swings need to be acquired only by personal desire, because in fact there is no need for this.

Babies do not know how to play, because the first toys will be needed at about 5 months of age.

5. With children a lot of expenses. Remember that after the baby is born, you will need mountains of diapers. But besides them, other expenses may appear out of nowhere – treatment, babysitting services, and so on.

So it’s always worth having a tidy sum at the ready. A visit to a kindergarten by a child offers many advantages (the opportunity to work, rest), but they also have to be paid for.

6. It is difficult (and sometimes impossible) to work with a child. You can work with a child, but at home, and only at certain periods of his development: before he learned to walk, or at the age of 4-5 years, when he can already be explained what work is and why it is needed.

7. Panic among parents so common that some have to consult a psychologist about this.

Do not panic if your child did not start walking at 1 year old (as they say in books), his teeth did not grow at six months – after all, for each child everything is individual.

8. Photos and videos do not happen much. When a child is just born, parents try to capture it every day in a photo or video. In the first years we take thousands of photographs, but after them the number is significantly reduced.

Continue to make the same large number of photos at every opportunity, because then you can greatly regret.

9. Getting out of the house with the baby is a whole science. If earlier you had to take 10 minutes to pack, then with a baby it would take about an hour to leave the house.

He needs to be fed, clothed, collected a bag with diapers and different things, to do many other things. Be prepared for this in advance to plan your time.

10. You will never be the same after giving birth. Yes, all difficulties need to be overcome, but if you do it by joint efforts, help each other morally and physically, then you will remember the first year of a child’s life as a truly happy time.

In addition, your values, habits and perspectives are transformed. So, it’s worthwhile to start a child in order to finally grow up and understand your goal on Earth.

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