A person develops in accordance with the conditions in which he grows. Scientists say that if up to 5 years old a child is surrounded by animals, not people, he adopts their habits and gradually loses human appearance. “Mowgli Syndrome” is the name given to cases of the formation of children in a wild environment. After returning to the people for many of them socialization became impossible.

Stories of children who grew up among animals, 20 photos

The first known case of raising children is the story of Romulus and Rem.

According to the legend, the she-wolf fed them, and then the shepherd found and raised her. Romulus became the founder of Rome, and the she-wolf became the emblem of the capital of Italy. However, the stories of Mowgli children very rarely have a happy ending.

The story that was created by Rudyard Kipling is in fact absolutely implausible. It has been established that children who were lost before they learned to walk and talk are no longer able to master these skills in adult life.

The first reliable historical case of raising a child by wolves was recorded in Hesse in 1341. Hunters found a child who lived in a pack of wolves, he ran on all fours, jumping far, screaming, growling and biting.

The 8-year-old boy lived half of his life among animals. He could not speak and ate only raw food. Soon after returning to the people, the boy died.

The story of the “wild boy from Aveyron” is the most detailed case. He was found by peasants in 1797 in France, at that time he was 12-15 years old. He behaved like a small beast, did not speak, but only growled.

Several times he ran from people to the mountains. Once again he was caught, he became the object of research scientists. The naturalist Pierre-Joseph Bonater wrote “Historical notes about the savage from Aveyron”, where he described in detail the results of observations.

The boy was insensitive to high and low temperatures, had a heightened sense of smell and hearing, refused to wear clothes. Dr. Jean-Marc Itar for 6 years tried to socialize Victor (as the boy was called), but he never learned to speak.

He died at the age of 40. The story of this boy formed the basis of the film “Wild Child”.

The largest number of children with Mowgli syndrome was found in India: from 1843 to 1933. 15 such cases are officially recorded. Dina Sanichar was found in the lair of wolves in 1867

The boy was taught to walk on two legs, use dishes, wear clothes, but he could not speak. Sanichar died at the age of 34 years.

In 1920, residents of an Indian village turned to missionaries to help them get rid of the terrible jungle ghosts. “Ghosts” were two girls, 8 and 2 years old, who lived with the wolves.

They were placed in an orphanage and called Kamala and Amala.

They growled and howled, ate raw meat, moved on all fours. Amala lived less than a year, Kamala died at the age of 17, having reached the developmental level of a 4-year-old child by this time.

In 1975 a 5-year-old child was found among wolves in Italy.

He was called Rono and placed in the Institute of Child Psychiatry, where doctors worked on his socialization. But the boy died, his body could not absorb human food.

There are not so few cases when children were found living among animals. They were found among dogs, monkeys, pandas, leopards and kangaroos (but most often among wolves). Sometimes the children were lost, sometimes the parents themselves got rid of them.

Common symptoms for all babies growing up with animals with Maguli syndrome were inability to speak, movement on all fours, fear of people, but at the same time they had excellent immunity and good health.

Children who grew up among animals are not as strong and beautiful as the world famous fictional character Mowgli, if they didn’t develop properly in the period up to 5 years, later it’s almost impossible to catch up.

Even if the child managed to survive, he is no longer able to socialize.

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