We invite you to familiarize yourself with a selection of schools that have an unusual and futuristic design, and teachers in which approach to the learning process in a new way. In one school, children can do anything, even what parents forbid, and in the other students are in a large glass cube. About these unique schools, where everyone seems to want to learn, we want to tell today.

Steeper only Hogwarts: 15 of the world's most unusual schools

School without separation by gender located in Sweden. The schooling system is aimed at educating psychologically healthy children and combating stereotypes, so here all students are absolutely equal.

Floating School in Nigeria – This is a unique work of architects. Children of all ages study here, up to 100 students can stay in classes and places for games at the same time. The real purpose of building a floating school was to maintain the water level in the lagoon.

School-cube, which is located in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is one gigantic room in which 1,100 high school students study. This school is called a gymnasium due to the fact that the open space, according to management, contributes to creativity and flexibility of thinking.

This australian school It has not only a bright and unusual design, but also a strange approach to learning. All students here undergo an individualized education program, which parents adjust with their teachers. Here, the desires of the child are in the first place, therefore the learning process is very comfortable.

School where they teach what you really like, located in the American city of Rhode Island. Teachers here are trying to help students find their vocation. Children learn only what they like and come in handy in life. An example of this school was followed by 55 educational institutions in the United States.

School office in Ohio, USA. Instead of classrooms, there is one giant office with 300 separate “cells”. Each student here has his own computer, which has a built-in training system according to an individual schedule. The training here takes place independently, and if a student has a problem, he can call the teacher to figure it all out.

School without restrictions located in San Francisco. In it, teachers form the curriculum of those things that are usually forbidden for students at home. For example, schoolchildren here can get dirty, assemble and disassemble household appliances, and even play with fire.

Incredible school in Silicon Valley in the USA It has become famous due to the fact that children develop flexibility of thinking here. She also gained her popularity by introducing the latest technologies. Students here learn 3D modeling and can make their own “play list” in the iPad.

Steve Jobs School, Amsterdam, Netherlands. This is a unique educational institution that opposes a standard approach to all students. Each of them has its own training program, based on his wishes and talents.

School playground New York, USA. In this school, children never lose interest in learning, so they can devote the maximum amount of time to it. Children from two to eight years old study here.

The brightest elementary school in the world located in the capital of Sweden, Stockholm. Instead of libraries, so-called “learning corridors” have been created here, where students from the whole school can communicate. Education here is brought to a new level thanks to modern technology and new approaches to teaching.

School with real life conditions. There are no classrooms, only lakes, caves and mountains. Tasks here can be done on paper or on a computer – at the request of students.

School without discipline, Toronto, Canada. Here, teachers only advise and observe the students. No ratings, homework and strict timetable. Pupils here attend only those lessons that they like. In general, not a school, but a dream.

A school that is buried in verdure. Every square meter in the yard and even on the roof of this school is used under the lawn. Schoolchildren spend as much time outdoors as possible, and in good weather, lessons are held in the open air.

Anti stress school in Finland it offers the following learning process: in the lesson the child sits where he wants, and may even ride a chair or talk with a neighbor. If the child is tired, he may lie down on the couch. In addition, the anti-stress school has a theater hall, gym, library and much more.

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