Funny, funny, incendiary children's dances, video of a smile

Children’s dance also assumes a special teaching methodology. Everyone knows that kids are best at learning something, if it is presented in a playful form. Therefore, in the classroom you can arrange competitions, include in the dance some funny movements. It is also possible to propose to the child something to invent and organize, because it stimulates its development. Another important aspect, without which there can not be a children’s dance, is the division into age groups. After all, at a young age, even a difference of a couple of years can become very clearly visible. Therefore, it is worth collecting small teams of peers. This not only promotes the best relations in the team, but also simplifies the work of the teacher, who must find to each approach. With this separation, it becomes much easier to distribute loads and look for the right material.
A merry pleasant video viewing, where children dance. It is always interesting, fun and delivers a lot of positive emotions. Watch the video with pleasure. Write your feedback and comments after watching the video.

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