Drawings on the face for halloween, video

What is aqua-grime and the technique of its application
In order to make aquagrime on your face with your own hands, you need to buy not only paint. Also, special means for applying makeup will be needed. All the necessary materials can be found in the goods stores for creativity. The paint can be powdered – requiring dilution and conventional. It is most convenient to apply makeup with sponges and brushes. It is better to buy several instruments of different diameters at once. Brushes should be at least two – thin for small parts and wider flat. You should pay attention to the fact that the brushes were made of natural materials.
Before applying the paint on your face, you should test it on a small area of ​​the body. Although dyes should be hypoallergenic, there is a possibility of individual intolerance.
Enjoy watching videos of the drawings on your face for Halloween. Write your feedback and comments after watching the video.

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  1. In our city every year in late September is celebrated tiger Day, here is where carousing! The whole city is on the March comes out in black and orange stripes and aunts and uncles, and not to talk of children))) and of course on the faces of the stripes of the tiger drawing. I specifically face painting for my daughter bought it, used it for several years, allergies have not noticed, although we paint the entire muzzle””

  2. And what of those flowers you saw? Luchsheb there were drawn some strange monster? or baby boy you could only draw cars and robots?

  3. And I don’t like the queue that stand to make-up artists. And children quickly change your mind. More fun to play than to stand in a queue.

  4. I think that there is an important role played by the factor of money. I am invited to large events where crowds of people (2,000 kids and 4 makeup), pays for typically the organization. So – work, just breaks his back and never refused, meter stand in line, and fighting for anyone who has held. And I have no such opportunity, I can’t even keep your eyes off her, such is the flow, and children even the most restless subside and become good. But when I go to the Mall, where you have to pay for makeup (I had a couple of times to replace one of makeup), are all with an air of indifference and discouraged children. So for me the problem on the surface. And at the expense of the paint, You have correctly noticed, not all makeup artists are responsibility, some use the actor’s make-up and horror of horrors – a gouache and watercolor. Save on professional subjects. So I have these pseudo-makeup and fined. But employers don’t care what you work and how you work can actually draw, they just have a hole to plug, put a tick and to get their money. Cruel, but true.

  5. But not for that. I want to add: I don’t have kids and the question is not for me to allow or not. But! I remember very well that too was a kid, and I remember our games, fun, holidays and their children’s attitude to all this. All because we were kids. My sister is 7 years younger, one day she and a friend-the weather was godochkov so for 5 gutted makeup and painted by lipstick, and was taaaaaake happy, straight hug and cry it’s better akvariumom would have drawn, not anything, to be honest. Children see, see, see grimirovaniya adults at festivals, circus clowns, and they’re trying to repeat, this is not to separate them, the child just wants to emulate, because he liked it. For my child, I’d buy akvagrim not to bother, and the house would be furious together with your whole family))))

  6. Come on about the village) I myself at the age of four hair green watercolor painted starting from the top of the head, all spent, then the grass didn’t know what to paint. I like to think of still.

  7. In recent years together with the trend to entertain children (which in itself is strange), there were a lot of strange entertainment. It’s all about Commerce clean water. Let’s paint face each other. Why? -So it was fun! Who?- The one who’ll get the money… the more colored, the more money… and then the effect of the crowd: everything was painted…and I? I that worst? Then there will be tattoo parlors, which advertise everywhere…Cool! Piercings in different parts of the body… Why? Is it beautiful? Beauty is the inner light of the soul. All people are beautiful when you don’t grimace and not angry. And even more children.

  8. Sooooo daughter asked and I said Yes. But before you let to paint the face of my daughter, I asked the artist what kind of paint. She assured me that this is a professional, special paint. So, bearing in mind the case, now the child shy away from such fun!

  9. if not injurious to health and not allergic to something once and you can treat)

  10. I like the painted faces, the more that once a year to please the kid)) they both like to impersonate someone else! but the decals on the arms are just killing))

  11. And you know, I thought it was all the trends of big cities. Children in the villages are so muddy during the day in natural colours (clay, resin, sand, etc.), what is draw something specially already of nowhere. They come home this summer the same color, which clearly distinguished the whites of eyes and teeth. Example with boys Indians proof. Paint war paint ash, for example, and then drew a picture, and then wanted to dive in the sand or dig…you See, and beauty I don’t see it…

  12. The kids want what the sister or brother no matter a broken machine or one-eyed doll… if another should so need me, that’s all. talk to moms who have children with a small difference. No one is talking about imitation. Just need to achieve the same thing given another, or to obtain adequate (according to child)) replacement.

  13. Gadgets and trendy toys are in all the villages. Not one of you live there. And computer and PlayStation, and trasformer, and bakugan. Well, if the only village on the island without communications.

  14. Do you believe that children in the villages are no colors of markers and pens?) just dirt the sand and ash)

  15. I don’t like the daughter. Never been painted. if I wanted a daughter, tried to dissuade, but if I convinced mom, then allowed of course. but it is clear with some sense.

  16. do not understand these painted faces. what joy and what make-up can deliver. but this is IMHO. and I was actually calm attitude as painted other people’s children. tattoos are very negative. not sotrana that the very violet in the youth wished. daughter said take everything except the holes on the body piercings and tattoos PS probably in my subconscious is the analogue of the tattoos. Hence, not acceptance

  17. There were three of us from my parents. I have two children. Neither my brother nor my daughter did not behave this way. It all depends on the parents. From adults in the family. Girls imitate moms and boys dads. Hysteria in the achievement of the doubtful purposes, is the cost of improper upbringing. Your children are your reflection.

  18. Well, why not just the money. I bought a good professional paint and paint children herself Amateur home. On the holidays home kids and friends. The drawings of course are not a professional and free) And my kids understand that if they don’t like drawing can be washed off, but the tattoo is forever. So let’s like one day wearing a flower in my hand and realize that tomorrow she wants a bird, then a butterfly.

  19. We tried the Sonny face painting for children’s birthday party. The first and most likely posledniy. Too close to the eyes is the first. Then grimalkin usually almost the entire face, this girls butterfly two strokes and all, but spider-man, for example, all over the face. The night it ran, a special buzz, I have a child on this account not noted. Washed barely left redness. The morning passed, had to give Allergy medicine. In General, serious consequences weren’t tried and that’s enough.

  20. well, why so soon, I’m very happy to hear all opinions. And I fully understand people who are against it for them reasons. Just opinions from someone who is doing not enough.

  21. About how always we know better. what we need Chad! No, of course if the child is allergic or it is not known who and how draws on its face, it is necessary to forbid of course. But for kids this game is the same as all the other games as beautiful or ugly this is not overnight, and not a ban. And then it seems to me that it is better to realize this need to paint, they still draw on themselves or felt-tip pens, or ballpoint pen that much worse. They erupt with time, and otherwise it results in a later desire to put a tattoo or a piercing what I think is much worse and more dangerous and fraught with more serious complications My girl likes it a lot especially all the summer festivals she runs away to search for where the butterflies draw so to keep 500 or even 1000 rubles I bought aquarion English and draw itself any butterfly I hope soon we will pererastet

  22. by the way my marker * himself draws, but paints nothing. don’t know why. neither myself nor paints paints nor the other does not.

  23. I don’t like that often draw different people-children among the colors, well, brushes-swabs, the majority doesn’t wash. This also applies to make-up for adults. Allergic reaction I’m afraid not quite right to check if I have no allergies, this does not mean that the child will not react. Oh and about age, the older you are, the less prone to skin allergies. I am against tattoos, but face painting in this respect, plus it rinsed off better a child is overjoyed one day and wash away, what’s the tattoo for life. I imagine in the childhood for this reason, the drawings gel black pen drawing, well, henna is still possible).

  24. The wise position. That’s why I ride to the festival with a pack of face paint to paint over the what.” The last time cub pries me of a Cockerel on a stick – touching:))))))”

  25. Oh, you definitely explained everything!!!!! The industry of entertainment and consumption -that is terrible:( I want my child to understand why he needs something, and whether you want to do 🙂 thank you

  26. My last year has done a neck tattoo of a Scorpion on birthday girlfriend. I was not, but I’m on the phone agreed, asking how long this temporary tattoo will last. Said about a week. Birthday was in may, in June we went to Italy. When, closer to September, this tattoo is finally completely washed out (!!!), we got a second tattoo white on a background of tanned skin. Just write that the kid likes to bathe every day, taking a shower, plus all the summers spent on the sea on the beach, and then again washed with soap and water every day. Never do anything like agree.

  27. I don’t like makeup at all, neither on children nor on adults, I don’t like painted faces. That’s all. No other reason.

  28. My baby absolutely Allergic, and I even predpolojit could not that face painting made at a children’s party we will have SUCH a reaction on the skin! The places that were painted, covered with small rash and flushed! And kept it neskollko days! Horror.

  29. Never your children to do face painting is not allowed, because we are all strong allergies, and all in the first place the eyes are affected, and especially sorry for…

  30. Irina, this is a little different:) all my childhood and my mother’s lipstick smeared, and many hands on the handles painted, but I, for example, a child does not understand, and re incarnate a character or Princess can be without coloring the same emotions and from my mother’s beads and shoes older sister:) another thing, as a parent transmits to the child his relationship to the world 🙂 do interesting work – the topic was asked a specific question, and encourages exactly those comments that are in support of akvagrim. That is, some positive comments-it’s healthy and sensible point of view, and negative – this is the area of parents and the freedom of the children!!!” You wanted to get an answer to your question and the slice of public opinion or pure advertising to all squealed with delight?”

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