Charming aquagrim on the face. Video Mood

What is aquagrim? – This body painting on the face, which is performed by safe hypoallergenic paints. Images on the face can be painted and gouache, but cosmetic paints hold better, are easier to wash off and do not irritate the skin. Aquagrim not only on adults, but also on children’s faces is increasingly becoming fashionable and especially popular with children. Moreover, I like not only the finished body painting on my face, but also the process of applying aqua-grime. The pictures on the face allow children to feel themselves painted fairytale heroes, play enough, and then quickly wash off the aqua-grum from the face with simple water and soap. And if the artist has not left yet, ask him to draw another picture on his face. And adults do not lag behind them. Photographed in aqua-grime, and then show off the original body painting on his face – what could be better. See the best examples of aquagrim – pictures on the face.
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  1. Chatted a couple of times Brand Snazaroo. Paint safe, certified non toxic. Produced in the UK. In General, and generally draw them. Some of the colors from the palette are transmitted to the skin poorly, dimly, so to speak. Some colors are highly pigmented and are badly washed out. The consistency of the paint is quite hard, I squirted the water from mini-sprinklers, and then scored on a sponge. The palette is quite diverse from the Typical vybiralikova 18 ml. round jar, with paint on the inside. On the cover the inscription of the manufacturer. Washed off fast enough. Especially if you use micellar water for removing makeup. Before applying apply a cream or Foundation not required. The manufacturer in addition to paint there are also sets different and specific masks, in this respect, very convenient.

  2. The make-up faded and poorly applied, unlike face painting TAG. Miss him a little less pictures, but the color is bright and saturated.

  3. In contact with water stains, some pigments are washed with maslom immediately.

  4. A year ago I worked in a private kindergarten teacher and part-time conducted children’s holidays, simply, was an animator. Some of them parents ordered such services as face painting for the whole company kids.

  5. My guide provided me all the materials for the celebration, including face painting and himself. In advance, before the first such celebration with face painting, I looked at a lot of pictures and saved some of them to constantly peek, since neither the artistic talent nor the practice I had.

  6. Set face painting got in poradok. Daughter loves akvagrim. Often at events or in shopping malls, where children offer the service of akvagrim. Pass daughter can not. And sister guessed boradcom! My daughter was thrilled! Tested immediately! The effect is not worse, the main thing, of course, to be able to draw a little. The kit includes everything you need: paint, brush, sponge. As well as the attached very detailed instructions with photos. And to read it is not necessary – all and so clear. There are examples for both boys and girls. I tried this variant… And that’s what happened))) the First experience. To draw on paper and on the face is still different. Need skill and experience. But in General – is not difficult. Was pleased with the gift! And daughter too. I looked on the Internet – the cost is commensurate with the price for one akvagrim (the cost of a set of about 900, a one-time draw on the face at the exhibition centre cost 600 rubles, somewhere 300 rubles, I Recommend to use the set for home celebrations.

  7. About the different types of face painting I did not know, and in my hands during the work got paint different textures and creamy (they look like markers, and the structure on top of the cream shadow or lipstick), and watercolor, as those which the opinion.

  8. I am a mother and housewife, so any part time job will not interfere.

  9. Now, a new job, the kids club water Park, also floated a question about the service face painting – but in this case the user is fully responsible for his choice on me. Had to recall the experience of using different types of paints, to seek information on the Internet and offline across town to actually purchase face painting.

  10. And so, I decided to do face painting. I looked on the sites and chose the firm Snazaroo. The piece of painting did not, and chose this kit with the most optimal colors: white, black, red, yellow, orange, pink, sky blue and grass green. The set is very convenient. Each paint is removed if necessary (while remaining in an individual package), then there can be inserted new paint. The set itself covered by a transparent cover, which is a big plus – misses dust when working outdoors; lid large, so it is difficult to lose. By the way, when the paint came, each color was further covered with a protective film, but I did. Now about the quality of the paints. They lie well, colors can be mixed to produce new shades. In the neighbouring opinion read that the colors are badly washed out, but I have this, no problem – you can wash off without soap, warm water. The only drawback (but it is insignificant and relates to my personal preferences) – I would like more saturated colors. Some of my work: For all time of using these inks, no one of Allergy has not arisen, some other problems too. However, it is recommended to wash off the makeup with warm water and soap after 3 hours and lubricate the skin baby cream. For this reason I can say that if you walk longer – nothing happens – tested on myself and my daughter) cream after makeup I do not use – still alive)Paint resistant if they are not wet and do not RUB skin or clothes, enough for a few hours.About the quality told. Now specifically about recruitment. He stands on sites differently and within the 3tys. I found over 2300. As described above, in a set of 8 primary colors. Added that each color on 18гр. It is quite a lot considering that the colors differ quite sparingly. After opening the shelf life of the inks is 18 months. Great! They are spent slowly, but I hope that for half a year, I still master) don’t Even know what else to add. There will be questions – write) I Hope the review is useful to someone.

  11. Perfect colors during the work I found for myself, each had pros and cons, share them with. Although once again, the slightest drawing skills I don’t possess, so all the impressions of the ordinary man, the layman in this matter. Maybe professional some points would be smoothed out skill.

  12. Work aquirieren, animator and like most of the same as my first experience with paint was with Snazaroo. The paint is safe and non-allergen, but it is not suitable for professional work. This paint can buy parents to play with their company or kids, or for beginners not to spend money on good paint. Most of the colors on the skin are pale and the purple mother of pearl and is barely visible. It is striking that most of the employers save the money for a good paint and as requisite non-professional make-up artists, give Snazaroo.Paint dry quickly, the colors are bad, in hot weather it is not suitable for use. Drew children in the children’s village, arabela 30 degrees in half an hour the kids were running around with spread patterns on the faces, in the eyes of the parents to look ashamed, although I’m not guaranteed superticket, the situation is unpleasant. Some colors are badly washed out. There was a case, has painted the girl, after half an hour she washed off the paint, and the face was reddening, can not guarantee that it was from paint, but I’m really alarmed, I don’t have any.

  13. The child has remembered his friend on his birthday gave a face painting and begging me to play. The manufacturer has filled the entire surface of the package marks on certification and security. Type, England, hand-made…Probably, as a black pigment, carbon black was used, because this horror is ingrained in everything. Sink and bathtub in black streaks. Child seats also still shines (third day!). Painted himself, a guest, mom. The girl washed me, the child himself. Photo after the first bathing. The makeup of a horror film be envious! Paint consistency as watercolor. Dry. Attached brush. But it would be better if we wax used makeup, as usual. Painted forehead-cheeks-chin. Began to wash, and watercolor as it will spread… the Paint stuck on the eyebrows, around the eyes, on the wings of the nose. Bright tights, I then put rags on them blurred black. Be careful with face painting! The spider on the cheek, moustache, beard, butterfly, flower, now prefer wax crayons, they stick worse, less clear pattern, but by the end of the evening, many children will destroy them in games, do not be so hard to wash.

  14. Kids have their quirks, and sometimes they want to be reincarnated as a cat or dog, a butterfly or a Princess or maybe a fairy and such napacity!

  15. They are very well in character and then watch them – a pleasure!

  16. Practicality in application. Suitable for both beginners and professionals. Availability in purchasing.

  17. The price of the kit and the individual items to replenish the kit.

  18. And any childish easy to implement using face painting!

  19. Snazaroo face painting appeared in Russia one of the first and the quality of makeup as it was 10 years ago, and was not very good. Colors are dull and poorly washed with water and children remain redness after using this paint. It is a pity that the manufacturer does not develop its product.

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