Aquagrim on the lips. Characters of series, games and cartoons, video of a smile

The technique of applying aqua-grime is quite simple – it is similar to drawing on plain paper. However, when carrying out the drawing on the skin, one should be extremely careful. One mistake – and all the make-up will have to be washed off and starting all over again. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you plan your sketch in advance and do not hurry. To master aquagrim with your own hands follows from the simplest zadumok. With each new performance the skill will grow and make makeup at home will be easier and more interesting. After selecting a picture, you can start working. To act it is necessary step by step, in strict accordance with the following instruction.
Exciting video viewing. Leave your feedback and comments after watching the video.

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  1. Ever painting — and nice and good and then rinse. To children’s festivals or competitions at the time!

  2. I know it! Grandson is going to school now, and also waiting for holidays and every day considering a box with face painting! Kids love hand drawn masks!

  3. Face painting kids love. My grandchildren even more, always try for the holidays to apply war paint.

  4. Face painting — great fun for kids! My son on the 9th birthday of all the children painted invited the pirates. It was very funny

  5. Luckily harmless! Because children love face painting, and ahead of the holidays…

  6. Well, in Halloween you can unleash the full and you along with your daughter!

  7. How lovely, entertainment for kids, and most importantly is absolutely harmless. Great.

  8. That’s right — a cool paint idea for kids, and most importantly, harmless!

  9. My daughter loves to razukrashivaya and not a holiday goes by without face painting. By the way soon hellowin and we choose makeup for this day.

  10. A good thing for children’s parties. The colors are saturated and bright.

  11. Now there are many types of face painting sell different manufacturers and of various colors.

  12. Oooo! The kids love it! For granddaughter know when on holiday so decorate her face.

  13. We have a large stores such make-up children do, they are always delighted

  14. A good notion. Such a fun entertainment for children. Pictures lovely.

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