Nobody says that children need to be educated on the principle of permissiveness, but the constant “no” can cause the development of complexes and squeezing, fears and feelings of guilt, lack of new knowledge, etc., appear. must be correct. A list of what should not be strictly prohibited to a child is presented to your attention.

14 things that should not be forbidden to children

Express your emotions. You can not forbid a child to jump / run, squeal and have fun, shout, etc. Undoubtedly, in the clinic or away, you should follow the rules of decency, but at home you should let the baby stay yourself.

For him, this is a way to release energy, relieve stress, relax.

Play with the dishes. Shovels, spoons, pots, containers can be the best developing materials for your child.

You can also give him some cereals, he will surely enjoy pouring pasta with beans and buckwheat from the saucepan into the saucepan.

Have own opinion. Sure, you better know which T-shirt will fit these shorts, how to arrange the toys, and in what order to eat dishes from the holiday table. But the child is already a full-fledged person. He let his desires, thoughts and opinions.

Listen to the opinion of the baby. The phrases “I said so!” And “Because!” For the child are not arguments. You should find a way to convince him, and no doubt listen to his opinion.

Climb on the street horizontal bars or sports complexes. If you go out for a walk with the child to the playground, you do not need to drag him into the sandbox, if he wants to climb on the horizontal bars.

This is definitely dangerous, but parents need this to explain the safety rules, show how to go down / up, and also secure below.

Touch the breaking things. Every child, without exception, wants to touch everything, to consider, taste, etc. Do not rush to take away a cup or a statuette from him.

Just explain that this thing is very fragile, and you need to be careful with it – it is not intended for games, but you can hold it and consider it. If, after all, the thing is broken – do not shout, so you only frighten the baby.

Sleep with the light. Children aged 3-4 years, may begin to fear sleep in the dark. This is normal: a psychological “breakaway” from mother is often accompanied by nightmares.

It is necessary to teach a child to sleep very carefully in a separate bed or room. If your child is afraid of the dark, you must install a night light.

Eat yourself. Undoubtedly, it is easier to feed the child yourself, as you can save washing powder and time.

But by doing so you deprive the child of the first step to independence – it’s not so easy to get the spoon to the mouth without dropping its contents. In the garden, he can feel like a hero, because he will eat himself.

To dream You, like nobody, know your child, and you need to learn to distinguish fantasies from obvious and deliberate lies.

Fudge is a game and the baby’s own universe. A lie is an unacceptable phenomenon and a sign of a child’s distrust of you.

Spank through the puddles. Puddles are a limitless source of happiness. All children, without exception, and even some adults love to run through puddles.

Get your crumb rubber boots and release to “free swimming”. Positive emotions are the key to mental health.

Do not eat up. Do not force the child to eat the food that he does not want. Eating should be associated with a child with pleasure, not torture.

For. in order for the crumbs to have a good appetite, it is necessary to give him less snacks between meals, and strictly follow the diet.

Helping mom and dad. You forbid the child to help you, and then wonder why your child does not do anything. Helping you, the child has a sense of significance.

Do not be nervous if after cleaning the child you have 2 times longer to wash the kitchen, but he can proudly say that he helped his mother.

Paint colors. By forbidding to paint with colors, you deprive a child of the possibility of self-expression. Paints develop creativity, fine motor skills, imagination, relieve stress, calm the nervous system, increase self-esteem and so on.

Dress the child with an old T-shirt, lay an oilcloth and let the kid express himself “to the fullest.”

Play with the water. Undoubtedly, such fun will end up being wet from head to toe, but this will undoubtedly make your child happy and will receive a magnificent emotional discharge.

Select for him a zone within which you can splash from the heart, splash, etc.

Undress in the house. Very often, children like to take off their extra clothes, running around the house barefoot or even naked.

You should not shout at the child so that he immediately dressed, at room temperature the baby can spend 15-20 minutes barefoot completely painless.

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