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Yorkshire Terrier
If a person still doubts the existence of a smile in a dog, then he needs to observe the behavior of the Yorkshire terrier. Such an action they usually strike at the most unpredictable moment. Not one person can resist it. The dog is easy to train, so the action is performed on command.
Through the observations of scientists, it was concluded that animals cannot smile or show other emotions.
However, the owners are convinced of the opposite. They talk about cases when the pet thus tried to attract attention and interest the person. Thanks to this dog can share happiness and joy. The process is considered acceptable from an anatomical point of view.
A smile dog most often bestows the owner. The rest may not even be aware of its existence. A satisfied animal is easily distinguished from the rest. Therefore, it cannot be argued that he has no emotions.
The muzzle shows happiness and joy. Thus, the animal is trying to share a good mood with others. With a smile, the animal slightly lifts the corners of the mouth and shows a grin. It is not like a human, but serves as more proof of joy and happiness. There are rocks that tend to show it more often.

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