The most frequent recommendation of breeders and veterinarians – not to feed the puppy off the table – is not based on the desire to advertise certain rations, but on common sense, thanks to which the owner will preserve the health of his dog.
In the era of a huge selection of various feeds and rations with wide rulers that take into account the most diverse needs of dogs, some owners sometimes cannot resist the temptation to feed the puppy with the remnants of their lunch, believing that the puppy needs a variety in nutrition and is boring to eat the same thing. But such indulgence is dangerous both for raising a puppy and for his health.
Having become accustomed to asking a dog to eat food from a table, it will be almost impossible to get rid of this habit. While the puppy is small, the begging glance and plaintive whine gives its owners pity. But the dog will grow up and will not understand why what the owner allowed her to do before is now strictly forbidden – dogs cannot establish cause-effect relationships. On this basis, serious conflicts and a gap of necessary contact may arise between the owner and the dog. And without mutual understanding neither to bring up, nor correctly to train a dog is impossible.
That is why it is so important from the very first days of the puppy’s stay in the house to determine restricted areas for him – the places where the puppy is not allowed to enter. This is a kitchen and bedroom.
Equally important is the fact that the food from the table is far from useful. Dogs are by nature conservative in eating, and any diet change is stressful for their body. Therefore, even moving from one feed to another, you need to do it gradually.
An abrupt change of diet or the appearance of additional unfamiliar puppy ingredients in it can cause an upset digestion in a mild case and, in a severe case, bloat and obstruction, food allergies, and metabolic disturbances.
Puppy, begging for food from the table, will begin to become paws, first on your knees, and then on the table. Subsequently, without having achieved the desirable, he can drag away food from a table. All these bad habits can provoke even a small concession from the owner, who regretted the puppy.
In the case of begging at the table, rigor and uncompromising is very appropriate. It is important that all family members understand this and do not show loyalty to the puppy at the moment when the primary caretaker is not around.

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