Video of the rarest breeds of cats in the world

In this interesting, exciting video you can look at the rarest breed of cats.
Andean cat
This species of wild cats, which lives in the Andes mountains in South America, is very rare to see, not to mention taking pictures of them.
Scientists estimated that only about 2500 representatives of Andean cats remained. They reach the size of domestic cats, but none of them are in captivity.
. Manul
These furry creatures reach the size of domestic cats, but they have much more wool. Another characteristic, which makes them unique, are round, not slit-shaped pupils.
They live in eastern Europe and are considered the oldest species of cats that appeared about 12 million years ago.
A cat-fisherman dwells in the southern and south-eastern part of Asia and prefers to live by the water. It is the best swimmer in the cat family, but it quickly loses its habitat due to the introduction of people.
Barkhan cat
The barchan cat lives in Africa, on the Arabian Peninsula and in the western part of Asia. Wool grows between her toes, which is typical for Arctic cats, and protects paw pads from hot sand. They are also considered one of the most cute feline representatives.
Long-tailed cat
Long-tailed cat resembles an ocelot, but smaller in size. These are fine climbers and inhabit an area stretching from Central to South America. They live in the rainforests and at night hunt, like many other kinds of cats.
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