Very beautiful Scottish kitten, Timokha grows up, 2 months

The basic rules of feeding Scottish Fold kittens
If a very small kitten, who still eats mother’s milk, needs feeding, he can be given cow’s milk or special infant formula. At the age of one month, a kitten can eat shredded boiled fish, meat, eggs, dairy products (for example, cottage cheese). When the kittens are two months old, they are usually quite independent and ready to eat adult food. A small kitten eats often – 6 times a day and more – therefore, if you are thinking about buying a kitten with a Scottish fold, but spend all day at work, it is more rational to take an older child.
From early childhood, a kitten should be taught to feed at the same time and in the same place. The bowl should be shallow and stable enough so that, by hooking it accidentally with its paw, the kitten will not turn the contents onto the floor. Both kittens and adult cats should not be given very cold and hot food. Do not leave the bowl on the floor for the whole day if the kitten has not eaten: leftover food can be put in the refrigerator and reused after a few hours.
Products that can and cannot be given
The basis of food Scottish Fold with a natural type of feeding should be cereals and meat. Krupa is given in boiled form. Meat from time to time can be given raw, but do not forget to scald in front of this boiling water to destroy possible parasites. Giving raw fish is impossible. It is not recommended to give freshwater fish in general – only sea low-fat varieties.
Small kittens usually love everything dairy: cottage cheese, sour cream, cream, yogurt. But from the age of 6 months, milk food should be gradually weaned off: not only is it not helpful for the kitten’s growing body, but it can even be harmful. Indeed, in nature, wild fellow cats do not eat milk. If the kitten loves vegetables, they can be given in any quantities, raw or cooked.
The food for the Scottish Fold kittens, as well as for other domestic animals, is not salted, much less sweetened. But it will be useful to add a little vegetable oil – it is a source of fat, which is just as important in a balanced cat diet as proteins and carbohydrates.
Feeding kittens with ready food
If you do not have time or desire to cook for a Scottish Fold kitten, you can choose feeding with wet and dry food. Manufacturers of this product have taken care to include in their range of varieties for kittens from an early age. When buying feed, pay attention to:
• for animals of what age it is intended;
• brand and shelf life;
• features (for example, elevated levels of one or more vitamins or whether the food is not therapeutic).
On each package of food or canned food, the daily rate for kittens of a certain age is necessarily written. When switching from natural feeding to dry food, many owners are surprised at the small amount of food that is recommended to saturate the animal. Exceeding these norms is not worth it, because ready-made food has more minerals and vitamins than natural food, and it really needs less in quantitative terms.
Remember that even with the most diverse feeding a Scottish Fold kitten may still seem sluggish or have a poor appetite. If these phenomena are not temporary, do not neglect the visit to the doctor. The exact picture of your pet’s health condition will be shown only by an advanced blood test and other diagnostic tests, which, among other things, will help to correctly calculate vitamin supplements that are necessary for it to grow healthy.

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