Unique animals from the Guinness World Records video.

Here is an interesting, informative video of amazing, unusual animals with unique talent. They because of their unusual talents were listed in the book Re The smallest cat at the age of two years weighed 1.3 kg, reached 15 cm in length (without the tail). The cat’s name is Mr. Peebles, and he lives in central Illinois. By the way, the species to which this cat belongs also is not dwarfish. The record was witnessed by representatives of the Guinness Book of Records in 2004.
The smallest cat is a Himalayan-Tibetan cat named Tinker Toy (Tinker Toy), who lived in the Forbes family in the United States. He weighed only 681 grams, had 7 cm in height and 19 cm in length.
cords of Guinness. This video will be interesting and instructive for everyone who watches it
. Labrador named Tabbi, owned by Sandra Gilmour from the UK helped in the recovery of about 26,000 plastic bottles in the last six years, collecting them during their daily walks.
The record for the fastest tumbling 100 balloons – 44.49 seconds – belongs to the Anastasia Terrier, owned by Dory Sitterly, according to the results of the competitions held in Los Angeles on February 24, 2008
The smallest of the currently living dogs is Chihuahua, nicknamed Bu-bu, whose height was 4 inches when measured on May 12, 2007.
And here is another dog from the Guinness World Records (who is the smallest?): The smallest dog reaches a height of only 12.4 centimeters. It’s Ducky, who, even for his breed, the Chihuahua, looks crumbs. The dog lives in Charlton, Massachusetts, USA, and is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s smallest dog.
By the way, Ducky is the smallest dog of the living. According to the same Book of Records, the smallest dog of all time was recognized as a dwarf Yorkshire terrier, whose nickname is not indicated, with a sprout of only 6.2 centimeters (!).
Giant George is the biggest dog in the world. Its height is 43 inches, and the weight is 245 pounds. The host of George is David Nasser of Tuscon, Arizona.
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