Unbelievable facts of animal friends video

This interesting video gives examples and incredible facts from the life of animals and their friendship.
When the mother of the elephant Temba died, the veterinarians of the Shamvari reserve hoped that another elephant would adopt an orphan, but no one wanted to feed him. Veterinarians took care of the elephant, constantly watching him and taking care, but Temba was too depressed and did not want to eat. Fearing that the animal would die of hunger, the doctors introduced him to Albert, a sheep from a nearby village, in the hope that they would make friends. And although in their relationship was at first some tension, the animals soon became inseparable friends, and Temba eventually began to eat.
Showing the amazing inter-species loyalty, the antelope observed for weeks how the Canadian goose bred at the cemetery in Buffalo, New York, USA. The barracks hatched eggs in a large urn, and the antelope stood not far away, often moving so as to become an obstacle between the bird and cars or passers-by. Usually both male and female individuals of the goose bait eggs, changing to keep them warm, but this time the future mother was all alone, except her protector in the person of the antelope. The goslings soon hatched and left the urn, and the antelope continued to protect them, driving away the crows that hunted chicks.
The Cheetah of Sahara and the Anatolian Shepherd Alexa grew up together in the zoo of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, and became close friends, proving that cats and dogs can really get along fine. These animals participate in the protection program of cats, implemented in the zoo with the support of the Cheetah Protection Foundation, whose goal is to protect these endangered animals. As part of this program, farmers in Namibia and South Africa learn how to use dogs of this species to protect cattle from cheetahs, without destroying cats. Alex and Sahara are now 10 years old.
Pleasant viewing and mood. Write your stories that you observed among animals.

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