Our nature is gorgeous. Her “hand” belong thousands of wonderful creatures and all the beauty that surrounds us. Today we will talk about unusual animals, although open, but still poorly understood.

Types of animals that you have never heard, 20 photos

Pink Fairy Armadillo has a length of about 11 cm, not counting the tail. The animal eats worms, ants, snails and various plants. It spends most of the time underground.

Red Wolf belongs to the predatory mammal canine family. This is a rare species that is endangered. A large animal with a body length of 76-110 cm and a mass of 17-21 kg can be found in Indochina, Hindustan, on the territory of the Malay Archipelago.

Fossa – predatory mammal of the family of Madagascar wyverr. Lair foss are located in the woods, but in search of food they wander into the savannah. Foss are the main predators of Madagascar.

Zebra duiker – a small mammal that lives in West Africa. This timid and secretive animal is predominantly daytime. It lives in dense undergrowth, masking well thanks to the coloring of its body.

Gerenuk – African antelope. Thanks to a long thin neck and legs you will not confuse it with anyone. Gerenuk range covers the land from Ethiopia and Somalia to the north of Tanzania. In historical times, these animals also lived in Sudan, but for a long time they are not there.

Have irrawaddy dolphins missing beak. They inhabit the coastal waters of the Indian Ocean from the Bay of Bengal to the north of Australia. Dolphins live in groups of 3-6 animals.

Horned goat it is found in Kashmir, the Western Himalayas, Little Tibet and Afghanistan, as well as in the mountains along the river Panj, the Kugitangtau and Babatag ridges, in Tajikistan.

Kiwa hirsuta They were first discovered on the South Pacific Rise 1500 km south of Easter Island in the spring of 2005 during the expedition of the ship Atlantis. The researchers gave the name to the new genus Kiwa “in honor of the goddess of mollusks in Polynesian mythology.” The specific epithet hirsuta in translation from Latin means “hairy.”

Bare Digger – a small burrowing rodent of the family of diggers. It is distinguished by unique features for mammals: cold blood, complex social organization of the colony, immunity to cancer, insensitivity to certain forms of pain, endurance to high concentrations of CO2. It is the most long-lived of rodents (up to 30 years).

Rhinopithecus live in Asia. The range of their species covers southern China, as well as the north of Myanmar and Vietnam. In these monkeys, the nose is “chopped off,” and the nostrils are looking forward. Most of the time animals spend on the trees.

Malay Woofer – herbivorous species of animals that live in trees and never voluntarily descend to the ground. These creatures love loneliness. Occasionally you can find several individuals on the same tree.

Crested deer active mainly in the morning and evening. In their lifestyle they are loners. These deer feed on leaves, grass and fruits.

Maned wolf – The largest representative of the canine family in South America. He looks like a big fox on high slender legs. Maned wolves are nocturnal. The basis of the social structure they have is a married couple.

There are about forty species lamprey in temperate waters of the Northern and Southern Hemispheres and in the basin of the Arctic Ocean. They breed in fresh water. Lamprey are eaten.

Starfish – A species of mole mammals that lives in North America. It differs from other members of the family by twenty-two skin growths on the face, resembling a star. Star-noses swim and dive well, hunting at the bottom of reservoirs.

This snow goat surprised no less than the one who takes it.

Galago – an animal that lives in Africa. Their scent is very well developed. Having conceived a person, they hide, so it’s very hard to explore the galago.

The photo shows purple frog. It is found only in India, and comes to the surface of the Earth exclusively during the monsoon season.

Shelled – a mammal that is found in Cuba. The length of his body is 35 centimeters, and weight – 1 kg.

Holoturia – class of invertebrate animals. Sometimes it is also called sea cucumber because of its unusual physique.

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