The reaction of cats to valerian, video.

Valerian and cats
 Undoubtedly, any owner of a fluffy pet has repeatedly observed the inexplicable love of his ward to valerian. Indeed, it is only necessary to take a bubble with a cherished liquid, as a serene sleeping cat miraculously materializes in the immediate vicinity and shows astonishing enthusiasm in the matter of eliciting a wonderful elixir. Loving owner will certainly treat his pet to mutual pleasure: the cat will fall into euphoria and with its amusing behavior will thoroughly amuse the people around.
On what is this love of the feline tribe based on valerian? The secret is that the essential oils of the root of the plant, perceived by the sense of smell, have an exciting effect on the nervous system of cats and cats.
The reaction of cats
 The smell of cats perceives the evaporation of valerian, like the smell of sex hormones of a “walking” cat. Their purpose is to attract the Cavaliers.
It is this circumstance that determines the inappropriate behavior of the cat: it begins to seem to him that somewhere right here is a kitty, ready to respond to his courtship.
The result is that the male hormones begin to be actively developed in the cat’s body, which makes it completely ready for reproduction. From the outside it seems very funny, but the fluffy macho does not think so: he is more serious than ever and completely immersed in his feelings.

Enjoy your viewing and reading about the cats and their reaction to Valerian. Write your observations, comments and comments.

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