The most lovely and beautiful puppies Malta, video (2)

Nice, beautiful, kind, playful puppies of the Malta breed in this video. Of course this video will be able to lift a good mood for everyone and will give many smiles.
males: 21-25 cm
bitches: 20-23 cm
3-4 kg
 Such a dog can be seen in popular show business stars. It is considered subtle, giving aristocracy to the owner.
The first thing that catches your eye is a thick, snow-white coat, hanging down to the floor. It’s amazing that their hair is never tangled and always remains clean and well-groomed (this breed is very clean). Their wool is also very soft to the touch, compare silk.
As for the character – the dogs are very mobile and curious. They can often run away from their master in search of adventure. But do not worry about the curious baby: despite the small height and weight, they can stand up for themselves.
It should be noted the special magic of the eye maltese. These small, slightly convex eyes can charm even the most stable person. One look at these smart eyes after a hard day’s work is enough to be charged with positive energy and again begin to enjoy life.
Enjoy your viewing. Write your comments and feedback. Write about your favorite pets. Have a good mood.

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