The most interesting and mysterious British cat

An interesting, funny and instructive video of a mysterious, kind, wayward British cat.
One of the brightest representatives of pets is a British cat.
The breed is a favorite of a good half of the cat-owners!
Colorful, with a sense of self-worth and a serious claim to a place in your heart.
 There are many versions of how our beloved Britanochka was born.
The most, perhaps, interesting and mysterious: these are the same cats, proud, independent, intelligent, who lived in Egypt and Rome, and they were brought to the British Isles by Roman legionaries.
And despite the fact that in England they lived for a long time like ordinary domestic cats, the fortune-struck fortune brought them to the top of the cat’s class system.
To thank for the official birth of his breed, the Britons should father the entire categorization system of cats of noble origin – the artist Sir Harrison Weir.
In 1871 on July 13, the first cat show was held in London, and the Queen of England herself, the owner of two blue Persian cats, reacted very favorably to this event.
Subsequently, the exhibitions, which began to be held regularly, were under her vigilant attention.
A system was developed for assessing four-legged foxes by “points of excellence” – scores (scores) for each part of the animal’s body were presented separately. Her author is still the same Harrison Ware.
Now – this is a whole section in zoology, dedicated to domestic cats, and after all, if you think about it, it all started with the love of the usual street purrs!
Felinological societies began to be created all over the world (felinologists are such specialists in breeding, anatomy, peculiarities of content and classification of breeds of domestic cats).
The most famous for us felinological organizations – WCF and FIFE – representatives of the European Communities, CFA and TICA – American.
Rock standards from US associations differ somewhat in the number of points from European, but we’ll mention this a little later.
When did the world first hear about the British shorthair?
In the Crystal Palace (where the first exhibition was held in London) among the winners was registered the “English short-haired” mouse (!) Color. Apparently, it was from this time on that you can talk about the appearance of the breed.
Now the English cats were attracted increased attention, and experts engaged in active development for targeted selection and selection of individuals with interesting features.
Who can not be found in the “relatives” of our British favorites! Exotic Persians, blue Cartesian cat Chartreuse – a powerful blue beauty, short-haired European and American breeds.
So, because of the mixing of genes, one day a new species of Britons appeared – the presence of Persian blood had an impact, and a purebred British cat had a baby – a long-haired beauty.
For a long time, the British longhair was considered only a variation of the breed of short-haired.
And only recently – from January 1, 2009 it was officially recognized in the WCF system as a completely independent breed.
They called it “highlander” or “Britannica”, and according to all evaluation indices it should fully correspond to its ancestor, differing only in the length of its chic fur coat and funny “brushes” right in the ears.

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