the most incredible color in cats video selection.

In this cognitive, interesting and fascinating video, examples of different unusual colors in cats are given. There are very unique and unique colors that can be found on a cat.
Domestic cats are the ancestors of wild forest and steppe cats that appeared in the Middle East more than 130 thousand years ago. The need for domesticated animals began to be acute during the transition of man from hunting and gathering to agriculture. Wild cats were good at catching rodents, but they did it solely for their food. People also needed to protect the crop from pest raids.
Over time, wild cats began to be fed by people, gradually getting used to living in the territory of human settlements. Over the course of many hundreds of years, the appearance of domesticated cats changed, their character. From wild and distrustful animals, thanks to man, hardworking helpers emerged in the catch of rodents and even insects. Today, tailed pets are mostly human companions, and mouse rats in a city apartment are not that common. Now the cats have another important function – to cheer up their master, purring on a lame cat song. And it does not matter whether the cat is purebred or the most common – without a clan or tribe.
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