The most cute sleeping puppies

In this positive and instructive video you can see all kinds of puppies of different breeds. Here are some moments when cute little puppies sleep sweetly, like little angels. Watching them cute sleep one great pleasure.
Puppies, like children, grow and develop exclusively individually. Some are more calm and shy, others are more mobile and playful. Among the canine children, you can also meet very active kids. But, be that as it may, there are some general norms for the development of the dog – the need for food, walking and rest.
How many puppies are sleeping? I think this question is of concern to many people who have recently become “godparents” in newborn babies, or by foster children – from purchased cute fuzzy!
Definitely, in hours and minutes – of course, it is impossible. It depends on the age of the puppy, and on what way of life he leads – how to eat, how much energy per day spends. But in general, for a long time the puppy should not sleep during the day. Usually, sleep in puppies, as in children, happens several times a day, as the baby is fatigued. So you need to focus on the features of your miracle and … adjust to it!
And how do you think, how many puppies should sleep?
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