The most charming Persian cats, video.

 Persian cat – one of the most adapted for living in the family. In the wild this breed is unlikely to survive.
1. She is contact: she gets on well with children, even with moody and bothersome.
2. Fall in love with the owner once and for all: protects, heals and “worries” for a person.
3. Persians incredibly need love and affection, therefore, next to their beloved host, they are happy to endure trips and relocations.
4. While its owner does not exist, the Persian cat “freezes”: it can not touch food and drink, not even leave one place. But when the threshold is crossed by someone from the household, the pet literally comes to life!
5. This breed cares for the offspring like no other. Moreover, the Persian cat regards the pregnancy as a “participle” of the owner: bearing the offspring, she constantly shares her experiences with you, and after the delivery she is sure that you must feed, play and lull the babies “in four hands” after giving birth.
6. Nevertheless, the cat is simply torn between the need to be with the beloved master and the maternal duty. Conclusion: a pregnant and lactating Persian cat needs to be surrounded with even more attention and love.
7. Temperament among the Persians is different, but they are not aggressive. Persian kittens are always funny and restless, they remain so for many years if a person supports the cat’s playful behavior. In any case, this breed will never “contradict” a person, calmly withstanding all tiskanye and hooting in his address.
For the “connection” to the problems of the host, a Persian cat often pays for a weak immune system.

 Care for the fur of a Persian cat is an art that requires special means and consistent actions.
Combing the pet occurs in several stages: “pass through” a rare comb, then carefully comb out the middle and smooth – a frequent brush. Frequency – every 2-3 days.
The conditioner or spray can be used during or at the end of the procedure, they will give the Persian fur coat a healthy look and shine. Do not forget about the cat antistatics.

Enjoy your viewing this funny and interesting video. Write your stories about your favorite pet, we are waiting for your feedback and comments.

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