The dog wants to drink alcohol video.

In this slightly funny and funny video you can see how the little dog begs for alcohol from his mistress. This question should be approached with all responsibility, as it must be understood that you can not give a dog a lot of alcohol. This is very bad and can negatively affect her health.
The smallest breeds of dogs.
Among them, most are long-livers. Miniature doggies – excellent comrades, are loving, take up little space in the house, and the nutrition of such dogs does not require high costs. Here are the main advantages of keeping small breeds. So, we’ll get to know them better.
The growth of these dogs is from 15 to 23 centimeters, and the weight does not exceed 3 kg. The record-holder of tinyness among the representatives of the breed is the Millie dog with the parameters of 170 grams and the height of 6.3 cm. Despite the super-miniaturism, these dogs have a sense of self-worth, like Napoleon. Active and self-willed, they can also bite a guest in a house that has decided to pat them. Tiny animals require a lot of patience of the owner, if he wants to raise an obedient dog and to socialize it.
Pomeranian Spitz
And these dogs have a very developed sense of self-worth. Dogs are funny, friendly. They have a pronounced territorial instinct: being very attached to the owner, the Spitz are extremely suspicious of strangers. This is what makes of the representatives of this breed not only reliable friends, but also good guards. Stopping the thief who has got into the house of a spitz for certain can not, but will warn about it all entrance. These are excellent friends for single people and homebodies.
Wool of Spitz can have 12 colors. Their weight varies from 1.5 kg to 3.5 kg, height – up to 22 cm.
Yorkshire Terrier
Representatives of the megapopular breed rush to their brethren, which are noticeably superior in strength. The nature of such pets is stubborn, ardent, but very friendly towards children.
Yorkies are easily trained, they are easy to educate even dog breeders without experience. The weight of dogs ranges from 2 to 3.5 kg, height – from 17 to 23 cm. Yorkshire terriers like to catch rodents.
Japanese Hin
For people single, elderly, inexperienced dog breeders, he will become a best friend. Breeders in the process of breeding set a goal to bring out the ideal companion, and they succeeded. The Japanese hin is charming, faithful, obedient, loves the owner and listens to other family members. Suitable for those who have children. Weight of the dog varies from 2 to 4 kg, height – from 23 to 25 cm.
Chinese Crested
It’s almost a bare breed. A wad of wool on the head, paws and tail-such a wool coating significantly facilitates the care of the dog. The Chinese crested strongly and quickly becomes attached to the owner, at times even bothers, constantly being near to it.
Dogs are mobile, playful, active, curious, adore games. They learn quickly and easily. Get along well with the kids. The growth of Chinese crested does not exceed 30 cm, weight – from 2 to 6 kg.
That poodle
The good-natured creature always seeks to please the master. Clever, active, funny dogs and training give in easily. They often perform in the circus. That poodles are communicative. Games are the best reward for them. These are the most faithful companions for the elderly, lonely people. Their fur requires care and time. The weight of such dogs does not exceed 3 kg, height – up to 28 cm.
Rabbit Dachshund
Initially, the breed was hatched for hunting rabbits. Today, dogs are rarely used for their intended purpose. Rabbit dachshunds are good companions. They are active, intelligent, require physical activity. If this dog is not trained, it will be naughty, testing the owner for strength.
Representatives of the breed get along well with other animals in the house. These are good companions for active people with a small apartment. The growth of the dog does not exceed 16 cm, weight – up to 3 kg.
Bichon Frize
The first impression of the dog makes you fall in love at once. Lovely and pleasant in appearance, these dogs do not leave indifferent even those who do not like animals at all. Friendly and quick-witted, fast-trained and dedicated dogs need the constant attention of the owner. It is difficult to endure separation, experiencing real stress in the absence of the owner. Fluffy white lump weighs from 2 to 5 kg, its growth does not exceed 30 cm. It is recommended to get the representatives of the breed to people lonely
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