So do dogs know how to smile, and do they really use a smile consciously Gif video of smiling dog
Many vets still claim that some animals – horses, guinea pigs, monkeys and dogs, among other things, use smiles consciously. Smiles are especially pronounced in the Terrier Toy Toy Terrier and Fox Terrier, in Mastiffs, Samoyeds, Golden Retrievers, and Dalmatians.
In dogs of these breeds, the very structure of the lips and muzzle contributes to the smile – the dogs raise their upper lip, so their fangs become bare, and we can observe a so-called canine smile. Any owner will say that his dog is smiling before a long-awaited walk, a delicious delicacy, a new toy.
Canine psychologists explain this by saying that dogs have a very developed ability to imitate – the dog eventually begins to replicate the behavior of the owner, regarding him as the “leader of the pack.” And if the owner smiles at her often enough, over time the dog also learns to smile.
Many dogs begin to adopt other human gestures – for example, sitting down on a sofa almost like a person in the same posture, or hugging their master. Indeed, how else can one express his emotions to a well-bred domestic dog if it has been weaned from jumping, squealing and barking loudly at home?
What to do if your dog has never smiled at you? Do not worry if you treat your dog with love and affection and often smile at it, someday it will definitely smile at you.

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