Siberian Husky - Blue-eyed wolf, video

Blue-eyed wolf – this impression produces a Siberian husky on an outsider. A “steel” look can pretty much spoil your nerves. However, in the Husky family – a gentle and loyal friend. He can endlessly play with children, because it’s not for nothing that indigenous northern peoples used Husky as a “nanny” for their kids. The wolf nature of the husky can only manifest itself in one – among all members of the family, he will choose only one master, who will be betrayed in every possible way.
The character of the Husky is more like a cat. He even bark will be extremely rare, you can often hear the “mewing” sounds that the dog will publish. Aggressive husky is nonsense. In view of their almost complete lack of a proprietary instinct and a feeling of distrust towards others, the guard’s functions are not very characteristic of the Husky.
Care for the husky is not complicated. This is an extremely clean dog that can be cleaned independently. During the seasonal moult, the owner will have to regularly comb the husky, and bathe it enough once a year.

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