Shocking video of friendship between a man and a predator

In this shocking little video, real facts of human communication with predatory animals are collected. You can see this video, but you should never try to repeat these or other actions, so it may not be safe. In this video are examples of human communication with predators. These people were listed in the Guinness Book of Records. Such brave people are units all over the world.
Animals are always honest, they can not lie! If they love, then this is forever!
Hello. Today I want to talk about the content of wild animals at home. And to start a few stories.

70-kilogram chimpanzee Travis was a pet. He enjoyed great popularity in the city – he always welcomed policemen, he could open doors with keys, water a flower garden, use cutlery and play with people. Once, when Sandra, the owner of the chimpanzee, decided to drive her pet into the cage, he was so angry that Sandra had to call his friend Charlie Nash and ask her to come to help calm the monkey. When Charlie entered the house, the infuriated chimpanzee attacked her and began to tear her face and neck with her teeth, that’s how chimps fight with their kind. As a result of the attack, Charlie completely blind, lost her hands, nose and most of her face.
See this video of a bold man with a predator, but do not try to repeat such actions, because they are very dangerous and not harmless. Write your feedback and comments.

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