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The nature of the Siberian Husky
If, in addition, that the husky is exceptionally beautiful, you will want to have a guard dog in the house, then you will have to choose another breed. The Siberian Husky is a schooling dog, his ancestors co-existed together in the masters in one yarang, so he does not feel any suspicion towards strangers.
He is absolutely friendly, both with family members and with pets. But this is applicable only in cases where the Husky is raised from the earliest childhood together with cats, for example.
If the house contains hamsters, rats or other rodents, then the hussy can suddenly wake up the slumbering instinct of a hunter – then small animals can be threatened. And dog-girls are more active hunters, this instinct is more developed in them.
As for children, it is difficult to find a friendlier dog than the husky.
Since the original Siberian Husky – a dog sled, it needs intensive movement. The best physical activity than active games with children, for the Husky is difficult to come up with.
However, the owner of the Husky should bear in mind that, when acquiring a puppy, he will have to make a lot of efforts for his successful training. Here again, the genetic memory of the husky will “wake up”, which will cause it to be wayward, to overcome considerable distances and will require vastness.
Known is the case when a hussy locked in the house struck his head with a glass and fled to freedom.
The freedom of the Siberian husky will require constant attention from the potential owner. Without a leash, you can let the dog go only when you can be sure of his absolute obedience.

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