Scottish kitty goes into a new happy life. Suzy is waiting for another family.

Dry feed, pucha, veterinary diets and special products for certain breeds. How to choose from this variety food for a kitten, which will suit him exactly? Let’s see.
First, it is worth remembering: each cat is unique. And it has many characteristics that should be considered when choosing food. The breed, the size of the animal, its age, character, whether it is sterilized or not – all these are extremely important parameters.
For example, breeds prone to weight gain should be given food that contains more protein than fats and carbohydrates. Cats of large breeds, which have a weak point – the musculoskeletal system and especially the joints, need a special diet with chondroprotectors.
To choose a feed for a kitten, you can use the special catalog of rations ROYAL CANIN®. With it, marking the desired parameters, you can easily find the right food.
Before using the catalog, please note that the feed is divided into several scales. These are Feline Breed Nutrition, breed-based products, Feline Health Nutrition, feeds that take into account lifestyle features, fastidiousness in the diet, and so on, and Feline Health Nutrition Wet wet rations.
So, let’s try to pick up food, for example, for a Maine Coon kitten. Suppose he came to us at the age of three weeks. Select the desired breed in the catalog and set the age.
For such a small kitten, if he was previously laid off from his mother, you need to purchase a substitute for cat milk, Babycat Milk. They feed the animal to two months of age. Remember that a pet can only be given such milk or natural cat food, but not cow or goat. Then it is time to transfer the kitten to other rations, in accordance with age.
Maine Coon is two months old. Now set the appropriate age in the catalog. In our menu, there is a special Babycat Instinctive mousse and Mother & Babycat dry food, which can be combined, following the recommended feeding standards – they are listed on each food package.
After two months, we ask ourselves a question: what kind of food for a kitten to choose next? We set the desired age in the filter, do not forget to specify the breed. First see the product Maine Coon Kitten. That is what we need, because it is food, designed specifically for members of this breed. It is balanced, so that the animal will always be full and energetic, while not gaining excess weight. The product is also enriched with calcium to strengthen the bones of a fast-growing kitten. In the future, you can use the feed of the same series, but already his “adult” version – Maine Coon Adult.
The scheme for choosing a feed for a kitten, if you did not find its breed in the list or simply do not know it, is the same: specify the age in the filter, and, for example, if the animal is 3 weeks old, a cat milk substitute will appear in the menu.
In two months we again turn to the catalog, indicate the appropriate age in the filter and get the Babycat Instinctive and Mother & Babycat products.
For a four-month kitten, the Kitten series will be displayed, which are presented in convenient forms of jelly or pate, as well as in a dry version in a sauce.
By the way, if the kitten is sterilized, you must specify this parameter. In this case, we see Kitten Sterilised food in the menu, which is suitable for the animal.
If the kitten has health problems, be sure to show it to the veterinarian. The specialist will not only examine the animal and prescribe treatment, but also recommend the necessary type of food. There are veterinary diets among ROYAL CANIN® products, but they can only be used after consulting a doctor.

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