Scottish kitten with blue eyes color blue

To feed a kitten with food or feed, and not mother’s milk, is no earlier than at the age of 2 months. The diet can consist of both ready-made feeds and natural food. Some experts are of the opinion that cats need a mixed diet. In any case, buying a kitten, you should find out from the breeder all about his diet. If you decide to feed the animal feed, it is better to consult a veterinarian for a suitable composition. Food with natural food means a diet of boiled chicken meat, raw but frozen beef, boiled liver, chicken yolk, dairy products, cereals. Fish, most veterinarians recommend limiting or completely eliminate from the diet. If you want to feed your pet and food, and products, by all means consult with experts and in no case do not mix products with dry food on the same plate – such mixtures can harm your pet’s stomach.

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