Scottish kitten Unforgettable, playful baby Timokha

Temperament and character
Representatives of this breed are distinguished by intelligence and docile nature. As a rule, they do not require too much attention. Scottish Fold tend to bind to a specific family member. Despite their affection, they do not like to sit on their hands, as a rule. Scottish Fold kittens quickly get used to the new environment, tolerate other pets. If you have a child, the Scottish Fold cat will treat even active games with him with understanding and patience, moreover, they like to play very much. These animals are quite obedient and quickly understand what they can and cannot do, although sometimes they are too stubborn if the skills that the owner tries to instill in them are not to their liking. In such situations, this breed may try to show its character. With age, the Scot becomes more balanced and calm.

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