Russian Toy Terrier, video

This is an exciting, interesting video for all animal lovers. A dog-bell, so many people call this cute, small dog breed.
Russian Toy Terrier has a peculiar character. This tiny dog ​​has a well-developed sense of self-worth. Despite its compact size, a brave and bold toy terrier can easily cling to the leg of a man who did not like it. This kid will be able to guard a small apartment, notifying his master about all sorts of riots with sonorous barking. Formation of the breed began in the early twentieth century, but due to difficult political circumstances, their livestock was reduced to a critical level. Over time, managed to restore the breed. Since the Russian Toy Terriers are smooth-haired and long-haired, the care for it depends on the length of the coat. Smooth-haired dogs need to be combed once a week, and long-haired dogs – every day.

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