Real facts of unreal friendship of animals

. In this instructive video are examples of real friendship between animals. Examples are given, and taken of real events and facts. For example, friendship between a cat and a fox.
Most animals are kind and amazing creatures. They, like no other, can help each other, be friends and love. Friendly relations between animals are not rare, and their manifestations are amusing and touching for people who enjoy watching, photographing and photographing. All the more surprising, when friends are those creatures of the animal world, which, it would seem, are simply supposed to be enemies. Absolutely different kinds of animals can perfectly make friends and help each other. There is also a friendship between wild and domestic animals, for example, friendship between a cat and a tiger or between hedgehogs and a cat.
We offer a selection of wonderful photos and videos of the most unexpected examples of friendship – from inseparable friends of various kinds to the amazing connections between the predator and the victim. It would seem that if such opposing creatures come together, why can not we live in peace?
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