Proper diet, the importance of the composition and amount of food a dog
As the dog cannot choose for itself the correct and balanced menu, its owner should make it. As we have already said, there is no single type and universal option for any dog, but you can single out the main points. By the way, dogs also have their own individual tastes and preferences, although the issue with schooling solves a lot.
> Remember that a dog is a predator! And the basis of its diet at 40-50% should be meat (the percentage is more accurately determined individually).
> From the first day of the appearance of a puppy in your home, and better before it appears, decide whether you will feed the dog with dry food. The choice of dry food should be once and for all, and if you choose this option for your dog, the amount of normal food should not exceed 20-30% of the total amount of food consumed by the dog.
> If you choose a dry food, do not be lazy to consult with a veterinarian for the appropriateness of this food for your dog. And also about whether it is sufficiently balanced, or it is necessary to additionally give the dog mineral substances. We do not recommend saving on dry food and choosing cheap options (by the way, “promotion” and advertising is not a decisive factor at all!)
 Comprehensive balanced ready-made feed are not only in dry or canned form!
> Non-dry food should also provide the daily body need of the dog for the substances necessary for its growth, development and maintenance of high-quality life activity: And when feeding the dog with natural products, the need for adding additional mineral supplements to the diet is usually higher, because it is good ready the feed is already balanced.

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