Products that definitely can not be given to dogs, gif video
• Bones (none, none at all, not at all!):
Despite popular belief, and already folklore juxtaposition of dogs and bones, no bones — animals, birds, fish — can be given to dogs.
Even a large “sugar” bone from the soup can lead to intestinal obstruction. And hollow, “tubular” bones (for example, from a chicken leg) generally often lead to rupture of the digestive organs. It is better to buy a mineral or cereal bone from the pet store.
• Any sweets, sugar, sweeteners:
All the dangers, as in humans, are only to an increased extent: obesity, tooth decay, often diabetes mellitus or other metabolic disorders. In the case of sugar substitutes – leads to a decrease in blood sugar, resulting in vomiting, weakness, fatigue; and in large doses, liver failure.
• Chocolate, coffee, tea and everything that contains caffeine:
In addition to harmful sugars, these products contain theobromine, theophylline and caffeine, which are dangerous in diarrhea, vomiting, and are toxic to the nervous system and heart.
• Broccoli:
Oddly enough, a rather toxic product in large quantities. Especially for animals.
• Alcohol (at all, no, even the weakest, except in extreme cases – for example, severe poisoning or danger of infection, but only when you know what you are doing and in what doses):
Some pet owners give dogs alcohol “for disinfection”, “prevention”, or “for fun” (which smacks of sadism in general). In addition, in the USSR, service dogs were supposed to drink some alcohol. to relieve fatigue. This can not be done. The dog is not a man, they have very little antibodies that decompose alcohol, you can not really calculate it, and your dog is in a coma, or worse. Fatal dosage directly depends on the weight of the dog.
• Many fruits, most berries (berries, by the way, are a type of fruit), in particular – grapes (and raisins), currants, peaches, plums, persimmon, citrus fruits:
They contain toxins and acids, which are extremely hard on dog kidneys and liver. The safest citrus fruits on this list, however, dogs, as a rule, cannot stand them, because of the strong smell. But even they have a bad effect on the stomach and intestines, and also cause allergies.
• “Human” vitamins and vitamin complexes, in particular with an iron content. Medicines for people:
Danger to the mucous membranes of the stomach and intestines. negative effects on the liver, kidneys and other organs of dogs. With medicines, everything is clear – only as prescribed by a doctor (in the treatment of certain diseases of dogs medications for people are used.)
• Mushrooms:
Again, due to toxins harmful to the internal organs and the general digestion of dogs.
• Yeast dough and products from it:
The fermentation process gives off gas, dangerous swelling and even damage to internal organs. Also stands out alcohol, which we have already written above.
• Fat:
Not any, but, for example, the one that remained after roasting meat. In general, do not need to use the dog as a utilizer of your food waste.
• Rhubarb:
The leaves of rhubarb contain oxalates, affecting the digestive, urinary and nervous systems.
• Nutmeg:
Very toxic. It affects negatively many organs and muscles.

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