Playful Scottish Kittens

HOW TO CARE FOR THE SCOTTISH CAT IN 2 MONTHS By the time you bring the cat home, you have a lot to do. Read about this article in another article, MURKOTIKOV. At this age, a kitten should have a claw, a tray, food bowls, a resting place, basic hygiene items (hairbrush, etc.) and toys. It can be many and different. In 2 months there is an acute issue of nutrition. First, the kitten breaks away from the mother and loses milk, which is already stressful for the body. Secondly, it is possible that the nature of complementary foods will change, since the breeder’s food regime and the new owner may be different. In this article we will not talk in detail about this topic, because she is very extensive. Read our article “What and how to feed a Scottish kitten.” Another important point: at 2 months, the kittens are all terribly pretty, they want to squeeze, kiss, lick and … let them do everything. This is where you need to stop. Imagine that in a few months your little fluffy ball will turn into a big impudent animal that will behave in the same way as now. If you understand that some elements of behavior (for example, hunting for your feet surreptitiously, walking on the table, etc.) you do not like the adult cat, wean the kitten from them immediately. Then it will be too late. What behavior in childhood you fix, so it will be at a different age. But still make concessions. The kitten in 2-2.5 months is still very much in need of a mother, which you will have to replace. He will be more than a teenage cat, sit on his hands, he needs a special tenderness, sometimes joint sleep at night, sucking your hair and even rubbing up the priests if he did not cope. Do not scold the cat for mistakes: cats react very sharply to shouts and especially to beating. It is better to fix the desired behavior with encouragement, and stop the undesirable in the simplest way – say the restraining word and remove the kitten from where it does the dirty trick. In 2 months, when the kitten was cut off from the mother’s milk, his body becomes vulnerable. This vulnerability needs to be addressed through vaccinations. If the Scottish kitten continues to live at this age with the breeder, he can be given the first vaccine. If you took it two months without vaccinations, then in the first couple of weeks you do not need to do them, because during stress vaccination is prohibited. Wait a couple of weeks until the kitten gets used to you and calms down. HOW TO BUY KITTEN? The two-month-old kitten is one of the most ideal for taking him to a new family. So go ahead! Kitten can be found by looking at the sites of ads, specialized cat resources, nursery sites and thematic groups in social networks. The MURKOTIKI website wrote a separate investigation on whether it is easy to buy a good Scottish kitten and how to do it without problems. Be sure to read this article if you are in search – it will save you from mistakes. As for the price, then for ordinary kittens for home pleasure (we are not talking now about top-level cats that will participate in exhibitions and breeding), it has already been determined. If at 1 month it is still not clear what will come out of the litter, then at 2 months the quality of the kittens is already approximately visible and they are priced. The highest she will be up to 3 months, after which, if the kitten is not for sale, the breeder can reduce the cost.

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