Playful Scottish kitten, blue-eyed cutie, positive video
Breed description
Lop-eared kittens attracted attention in 1961. They appeared as a result of mating with an unknown cat, and this year the Scottish Fold breed was registered. Their ears are often called folded in an envelope. However, not all representatives of this breed have special ears – the Scots are straight-faced, that is, the Scottish Straight. They are often confused with the British breed, but at the same time, they are completely different. It is worth noting that the offspring obtained as a result of mating two Scottish Folds are either not viable or have severe anomalies. Despite the fact that the lop-eared faces look incredibly cute, this feature is a mutation of genes, and it is extremely important to understand this when breeding them. When mating two Scottish Fold kittens can have skeletal deformities, vertebral abnormalities, and other problems associated with cartilage tissue. In this case, as a result of mating straight-eared Scottish Straight and Scottish Fold, offspring are born with a healthy skeleton, it can be Scottish Straight kittens and Scottish Folds.
The average weight of an adult Scottish Fold cat is up to 3.5 kg, cats are heavier – up to 5 kilograms. Compared to the British, the representatives of this breed are much lighter, more plastic and more mobile. Features of the structure of their body are as follows:
– round contours of the muzzle, short nose, short neck, strong chin and powerful jaws;
– long, thin, flexible tail, which further narrows towards the end;
– slender, graceful body with rounded legs of medium length, the bones of the legs – heavy;
– round expressive eyes, as a rule, almond shape of the upper eyelid.

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