Playful dog Griffon, video for raising the mood

males: 37-42 cm
bitches: 34-37 cm
3,5-6 kg
 The Belgian breed of decorative dogs under the general name “griffons” is divided into three types – Belgian griffons, Brussels and smooth-haired.
Belgian – this is purely red or brownish nimble dogs.
Brussels also stand out with thick black hair with small brown spots on the body.
Such a funny and unusual form was obtained by crossing the affenpinscher and the pug.
The brightest addition came from the pug – a funny expression of the muzzle.
The mix of two characters turned out to be unique: these small decorative dogs combine peace, striking devotion and discretion. In the world there is no dog that would compare with perseverance and the desire to imitate the behavior of its master.
Griffons try to adopt all habits and features of human behavior.
They get along well with other representatives of the animal world. The feeling of jealousy is not peculiar to them, because they feel love and are able to empathize with their master.
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