Persian cat - a breed with a child's face, video.

Perhaps, the most recognizable, the most colorful and certainly one of the most favorite breeds of koshatnikami – Persian.
This cat is special in every respect: the history of its origin is full of mysteries, its exotic appearance includes about 100 colors, but the main thing – to date, recognized as many as three standards of Persian breed!

 There are 3 officially recognized standards of Persian cats. Today the most common European standard, while the exotic has the most characteristic appearance and the corresponding price.
Types differ only in the shape and arrangement of the nose:
1. Old English – straight nose located just below the eyes.
2. Modern European Persian – the upper edge of the nose is at the level of the lower eyelids.
3. Extreme (Persian-exotic) – the nose is cocked even higher, to the inner corner of the eye.
The Persians practically do not vote. If they need something from their master, they just stare at him for a long time.
Otherwise, the standards are similar:
• powerful, large or medium body;
• large enough, round head;
• small, widely set, slightly rounded ears;
• round, large and expressive eyes;
• The neck is strong, from short to medium length;
• short, powerful limbs;
• short, fluffy, “mundane” tail;
• long, thick, shiny coat, reaching 20 cm in length.
Male Persians reach a weight of 7 kg, females usually 2-3 kg lighter.
 A hundred colors for one breed – this, of course, very much. Therefore, the felinologists here also rank the Persian breed – by the color of the eyes.
1. Yellow-eyed. In turn, there are two types of color of yellow-eyed Persian cats – simple and complex. In simple – the color of awn and undercoat is the same. Usually it is white, red, black and tortoiseshell cats. In complex – different: the undercoat is lighter. This color is formed from smoky or tabby, for example, silver tabby – one of the most beautiful versions of the Persian fur coat.
2. Green eyes. In this group of cats there are only complex colors, for example, shaded silver or chinchilla.
3. Blue-eyed. Feature of this type – in bright marks on a light background of wool, that is, all varieties of Persian cats – color-point. The colors of blue-eyed Persians are the most diverse, including tabby and silvery.

The most common Persian colors today are blue, red, tortoiseshell and white.

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