Our faithful and faithful dog friends video

Dogs are the best and most devoted friends of a person. In this video, you can view several exciting fascinating videos about dogs, their behavior, character, games and interaction with a person.
The most kind breeds of dogs.
St. Bernard
This is another good-hearted giant. Incredibly clever, patient, hardy dogs were bred several centuries ago in monasteries in the Swiss Alps. On the account of the St. Bernards there are thousands of rescued people. Dogs are well trained. They are organized and disciplined. Despite the formidable look, the dogs are always thoughtful, peaceful, silent. They bark only when there is a good reason for this. St. Bernards love children, they will be attentive to their nannies.
This is an old German breed of normal dogs. Energetic, bold, very clean, gambling, friendly dogs will get along in any house. They are curious, loyal, purposeful.
Today, the dachshund is not started for hunting, but as good companions. Dogs get on well with children, they can feel the mood of the owner. They like to sleep under the blanket. The hosts say that the dachshunds have a sense of humor.
The French breed of dogs has an active temperament. Poodles are strong, well socialized, they strive to maintain good relations with all. These dogs always like to be in company. They love toddlers, allowing them to do anything with them.
Poodles are very loyal to the owner, so separation is hard. They are easy to learn, they are able to imitate their masters.
Basset Hound
The stocky Englishmen have long ears and a sad look. They are smart, smart, curious and enduring. Bassets are characterized by a soft, accommodating and easy-going character. They are very sociable. Dogs love children, get along well with other animals in the house. Friendliness is even shown to strangers.
Sometimes basset hounds are stubborn. They like to play, they charge with passion. Obsessive and devoted to the owners.
Representatives of the Scottish breed – a symbol of dog devotion. They have absolutely no aggression. Since in the past these were shepherds, they still do not like to be alone. The animals are devoted to the family, they are able to take care of the kids, they are ready to participate in competitions and games. Dogs demonstrate good memory, quickly learn, smart.
This ancient Chinese decorative breed is similar to a plush toy. Pugs are loving and unselfish friends. They like to lie on pillows, sofas.
Dogs love the company of the owner so much that they often get confused under their feet. Representatives of the breed are playful, cheerful, friendly. Pugs know how to “build” grimaces, entertaining children. These dogs are not aggressive. At the same time, they react sensitively to noise outside the door and warn owners about it
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