Miniature, elegant breed of Maltese Bolognese video.

Interesting, instructive video of the fine breed of a small dog Maltese lapdog.

The contents of small dogs
 Given the variety of breeds, it is impossible to say how complicated care for a miniature dog is – the features of the content are not that special.
1. Due to the size of decorative dogs, they feel great even in the smallest apartments and are content with a couch in a snack. Nevertheless, need to walk.
2. Small dogs tolerate the road well both on their hands and in a special bag, without causing inconvenience to the owner and others.
3. The wool of a small pet needs proper care: conditioners and soft brushes (for silky hair), comb out with a stiff brush (for thick hair), dog shampoos and grooming.
4. House dogs need to trim their claws as they grow.
5. The diet of a small dog should compensate her for the energy spent: to be easily digestible, rich in amino acids, fatty acids and vitamins.
6. It is important to accustom the pet to the right food from puppyhood: small dogs quickly get used to a certain diet.
7. Feed the dog should be in small portions – overeating of small breeds is not alien.
8. • With the health of a small dog, one should be alert: such a small fry easily gets cold, but even more easily gets injured, falling under his feet.
9. There are such breeds and predispositions to the diseases: necrosis of the head of the femur, dental stone, not the loss of milk teeth.
10. Also, dogs are prone to allergies of “home origin” and poisoning.
11. • Be prepared to diligently conduct your passport and regularly show the animal to the veterinarian.

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