Lovely rabbits, videos of different breeds

A fascinating, funny, kind and sweet video about wonderful little rabbits. There are rabbits of different breeds and colors, but they are all unique and unique. They bring great joy and fun to every home.

Rabbit is an amazing pet.
Lovely fuzzy make a flicker of even the most severe uncles.
It’s about Angora dwarf rabbits – fluffy balls of joy.
History of the breed
 The first appearance of the pygmy angora is dated 1723.
Rabbits arrived on merchant ships from Europe.
Being a funny curiosity, animals were bought up as a valuable gift (it seems that nothing has changed since that time).
In the twentieth century, the breed was recognized throughout the world and joined the ranks of the official.
Looks like
 To pick an Angora handsome, you need to know what parameters it corresponds to.
Find the true “blue blood” among the rabbits simply if you know the following:
o weight. An average of 3-5 kg.
o shape of the trunk. Here it is necessary to determine everything by touch. The wool of the angora dwarf is so thick and lush that it is impossible to see under it a body:
 cylindrical shape of the trunk;
 average length and size of the foot;
 short and wide head;
 The ears are covered with hair, straight and standing, like a rex rabbit.
Fingers examine whether there are injuries or post-traumatic defects.
If a rabbit weighs 1.5-2.5 kg, it is likely that you are a representative of the “mini-mini-angora”, bred by the Moscow breeders. These miniature rabbits – and there are “the same” tiny fluffy lumps, about which any of us dreams.
• Wool. Dense grows everywhere in an even layer. Very dense and warm, 4-6 cm long. It should not be pinched, with bald patches, thin, painful pigmentation.
• Eyes. Red or blue. There is no other color for the Angora dwarf breed.
• claws. Transparent.
• “hairstyle”. On the forehead bangs grow, and on the ears are beautiful, lush brushes. However, they do not always cover the eyelet completely.
• color. Only pure and uniform. The washed shades, frequent white hairs indicate that the rabbit is at least unblooded.

A fascinating and enjoyable for everyone viewing this wonderful video. Read and learn some facts from the life and behavior of cute, small rabbits. Write your feedback and comments.

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